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Meditation and Light Visions: Keywords

alpha waves, Amaraughasasana, analgesia, Anguttara-Nikaya, auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis, The Book of Great Profundity, Ta-tung jing, Book of the Yellow Court, Huang-ting jing, brahmarandhra, visions of white light, visions of green light, visions of blue light, visions of purple light, brightening and bluing, entorhinal-hippocampal complex, Buddha, Gotama Sakyamuni, Buddhaghosa, Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Theravadan Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Southeast Asian Buddhism, caksus, chaksus, cakra, chakra, inner eye, third eye, mind’s eye, Chu-ci, Elegies of Chu, conversion disorder, hypersynchronous seizures, petit mal seizures, spike-wave seizures, sleep rhythms, slow wave sleep rhythms, cun-jian, Daoism, Taoism, Daoist visions, Taoist visions, retentive visualization, kundalini, near death experiences, dark tunnel visions, light at the end of the tunnel, déjà vu, delta waves, theta waves, beta waves, gamma waves, depersonalization, depression, derealization, dhyana, Dostoevsky, Dostoevskian epilepsy, Dostoevkian seizures, hypnosis, hypnotic state, hypnotic trance, hypnogogic, hypnotic analgesia, ecstasy, ecstatic raptures, ecstatic seizures, ecstatic auras, photosensitive epilepsy, photosensitive seizures, photosensitivity, temporal lobe epilepsy, temporal lobe seizures, temporal lobe transients, interictal behavioral syndrome, EEG, electroencephalography, simple partial seizures, auras, complex partial seizures, synchronization of brainwaves, meditation, empty-mind consciousness, empty-mind meditation, positron emission tomographic studies of meditators, PET studies of meditators, magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, functional MRI studies of meditators, fMRI studies of meditators, god module, Enlightenment, slow wave sleep, non-rapid-eye-movement sleep, NREMS, epilepsy, subclinical seizures, temporolimbic seizures, mesotemporal seizures, meditation and eye movements, hypnosis and eye movements, Geschwind syndrome, gamma waves, Gonda, Gopi Krishna, Muktananda, guided imagery during meditation, heart cakra, heart chakra, hrdaya-cakra, high-amplitude surges in the EEGs of meditators, Shangqing Daoism, Maoshan Daoism, Shangqing Taoism, Maoshan Taoism, light visions in Daoism, light visions in Taoism, Highest Clarity Daoism, Highest Purity Daoism, Highest Yoga Tantra, maha-anuttara-yoga, hippocampus, hippocampal seizures, hippocampal hypersynchrony, hypnotizability, 76, 234-236, hypergraphia, hyperreligiosity, hypersexuality, hyposexuality, Knoll M, lateral geniculate nucleus, LGN, ring visions, circle visions, visions of inner eye, visions of third eye, ajna chakra, insight chakra, brow chakra, bhru-cakra, phosphene, visions of lightning, visions of flashing light, visions of bright white flashes, visions of a dark tunnel, limbic system, limbic marker hypothesis,  Lahiri Mahasay, Majjhima-Nikaya, phosphene-sensitivity, moksha, The Natural Liberation of Seeing, Naropa’s Epitome of the Six Yogas, nirvana, Pacia and Ebersole, pain, pain perception, nociceptio, paradoxical collapse, Patañjali’s Yogasutras, Yogasutras, peak experiences, Phosphenisme, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, PNES, Pure Illusory Body, thalamus, reticular nucleus of the thalamus, RTN, RTn, Rig Veda, Samyuda Nikaya, Scripture of Great Peace, Tai-ping jing, sensory-limbic hyperconnection, shamans, shamans and visions, Shivasutravimarshini, shou-i, sleep loss, sleep deficit, sleep deprivation, SPECT studies of meditators, radionucleide imaging studies of meditators, spike-wave complexes, spindle waves, sleep spindles, visions of a star image, visions of a bindu image, subliminal perception, Tantric meditation, Hindu Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, Tantric yoga, Tantraloka, Abhinavagupta, Tao Te Ching, Dao de jing, Three Ways to Go Beyond the Heavenly Pass, turiya, Upanishads, Upper Scripture of the Purple Texts Inscribed by the Spirits, Visshuddhimagga, Buddhaghosa, Yoga of the Psychic Heat, Yoga of the After-State, Yoga of the Bardo, Yoga of the Clear Light, Philip Nicholson, Philip T. Nicholson