Curriculum Vitae: Philip T. Nicholson


Writer & Independent Scholar, 1976-Present

Founder & Director, Technostress International Information Network, 1990-1995

Instructor (Cross-Cultural Studies), Showa Women's Institute, Boston

Lecturer, Scriptwriting, Boston College, Fall 1980

Research Associate, Harvard Mental Health Training Film Program, Harvard Medical School, 1975

Captain, Judge Advocate Corps, HQ/USAF, Washington, D.C., 1971-1973


MSPH, Harvard School of Public Health, 1973-1974

JD, Stanford School of Law (Law & Psychiatry Program), 1966-1969

BA, Princeton University (Honors, Philosophy), 1962-1966


"Psychosis and Paroxysmal Visions in the Lives of the Founders of Religions."  [In Press]  The Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences, Jan. 2013.

"Light Visions, Shaman Control Fantasies, & the Creation of Myths." [In Press]  In:  Witzel M, Ed., Papers of the Harvard-Peking University International Conference on Comparative Mythology, Beijing, P.R. China, May, 2006.

"Restoring the One:  Meditation & Light Visions in Early Daoist Texts."  [In Press]  In:  Bai Gengsheng, Ed., Papers of the 7th International Conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research (Changchun, P.R. China, August, 2004).

"Does Meditation Predispose to Epilepsy?  EEG Studies of Expert Meditators Self-Inducing Simple Partial Seizures."  Medical Hypotheses 2006; 66(3): 674-676.


"Autohypnotic Induction of Sleep Rhythms Generates Visions of LIght with Form-Constant Patterns."   2003.  In:  Leete A & Firnhaber RP, Eds., Shamanism in the Interdisciplinary Context (BrownWalker Press:  Boca Raton, FL).

"The Soma Code, Parts I-III:  Part I, Luminous Visions in the Rig Veda;" Part II: Soma's Birth, Purification, & Transformation into Indra;" Part III:  Visions, Myths, & Drugs."  In:  The Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies 2002; 8(3): 31-92.

"Meditation, Slow Wave Sleep, & Ecstatic Seizures:  The Etiology of Kundalini Visions."  The Journal of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine (JSEEM) 2002; 12(3): 186-227.

"Empirical Studies of Meditation:  Does a Sleep Rhythm Hypothesis Explain the Data?"  JSEEM 2002; 13(2): 109-129

"Phosphene epiphenomena of hypersynchronous activity emerging in thalamocortical circuits."  Epilepsia  1999; 40 [Suppl 2]: 27 & 203.

Nicholson, Mirin, & Schatzberg, "Ineffective military person-nel:  an ethical dilemma for psychiatry."  Archives of General Psychiatry 1974; 30: 406-412

Grace, Nicholson, & Lipsitt.  Your Self:  An Introduction to
   Psychology (Hart Publishing:  New York).


Web site, ""  Video animations of meditation-induced light visions and text descriptions of the same visions by mystics from all world religions, 2012. 

Continuing education videos for physicians:  "Preventing Fungal Infections" (Pfizer Intern'l, 2004); "Biphasic Infection" (Merck Sharpe & Dohme, 1980); "Diagnosing Migraine" (Ayerst, 1979, Winner, Silver Hugo, Chicago Film Festival, 1980); "Amebiasis:  A Closer Look" (Pfizer Intern'l, 1979); "Lung Cancer: Prevention & Control" (American Cancer Society, 1977).

Concept development & scriptwriting, "The Miles Laboratory Videodisk Series on Nosocomial Infections," a multi-million dollar series of 4 interactive videodisks produced by Effective Communication Arts, NYC, for Benton Bowles, 1982.


Concept development & scriptwriting, "Dilemmas in Legal Ethics:  5 Trigger Films for Discussion" (American Bar Association, 1976).

"Alive Today:  Report to the Nation on Progress in the Pre-vention of Heart Disease," produced for the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, 1978, as a premier program element for a gala fund-raiser in Washington, D.C..


"Self-Induced Seizures & the Lives of Saints," at the 14th International Montreux Conference, American Institute of Stress, 1992, Montreux, Switzerland.

"Conservation of Self in High-Tech Environments:  The Cumulative Psychosocial Effects of Living & Working in Computer-Driven Environments," presented in the following forums:  the Stanford Research Institute, 1992; Wisconsin Telecommunication Professionals, 1992; Special Libraries Assn., 1991; Human Factors Society, 1991; World Future Society, 1991; and the 2nd International Montreux Conference on Stress, 1991.

"Biosphere II:  Space Colony or Cult Paradise?"  Bellamy Conference on American Utopias, New England Humanities Assn., Boston, 1989.

"Great American Fountain Plazas," a comparison of creative design techniques used by Lawrence Halprin, Charles Moore, Philip Johnson, & Isamu Noguchi presented in seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1983, and at the Harvard Summer Extension for Architects, 1984. 


Member, The National Writers Union

Research Associate, American Psychoanalytic Association

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